Friday, December 11, 2009


Oh boy its been a while since I was blogging!!!  Between work and sick kiddies I haven't been crafting much and been blogging even less!!!  Can't believe Christmas is nearly here, boy has the year flown by!!!  Besides playing with paper, I LOVE baking and have discovered a love of decorating cakes.  It started last year when I made my son's birthday cake and my first Christmas cake and it has just continued!!!

This year I decided I was gonna learn how to do the basics properly so I signed up to do some classes at the the cakebox and went to the Christmas Class last week where we learnt how to sugar paste a cake.  We then learnt how to make a garret frill which I did round the side of my cake which you can see in the picture below.  My son is obsessed with Santa so I opted to decorate my cake with a santa head made using sugar paste and a mould and I painted it.  I then splashed royal icing on the cake and mounted him.  We were also taught how to do simple piping which I did around my frill

The red bled a little but I was soooooo pleased with how the cake looked.  I wasn't brave enough to pipe my sentiment as I have never piped before so the tutor kindly did it for me!!!!  I finished the cake off with a sprinkling of edible glitter!!!


  1. Multi talented lady, is this for us next Saturday LOL

  2. ooh wow Char - I can see you enjoyed that and its sooo neat for your first piping and frill attempt - would be a shame to cut it!!

  3. Cakes!! Love them. That's absolutely gorgeous. Timixx