Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finally I am blogging

Given the number of hours I spend surfing the net and reading other peoples blogs, I decided that it was time I started to blog myself!!!! You would think that given I work in IT creating a blog should be easy.......HA!! I can fix a complex system problem with my eyes closed but setting up a background for my blog took me the better part of 2 hours and much wailing and gnashing of teeth (plus a glass of baileys or 3)!!!!

Finally I have a set up that is some way decent......well it matches......nuff said, so thoughts turned to what to post.....and that has taken forever as this pace I will be old(er) and grey before the post hits the blog.....good lord who knew the drama that would entail!!!!

Finally let me chatter about the reason I decided to share my love of all things crafty and the fun and frolics that surround it. I am new to crafting......only started at the beginning of the year and I mainly scrapbook but thanks to the monthly South East Crafters crops and classes I have discovered cards and all sorts of other bits one can make with some pretty paper and double sided tape......not to mention buttons, ribbons, flowers and all sorts of other goodies I get to play with!!!!!! I LOVE playing with paper......reminds me of my junior school days when we used to collect and swop pretty writing paper!!!!

so here is something I made earlier. This is the card I made for my daughters first birthday. I got the stamps from Crafty Angels and the papers were just odd ones lerking in my stash!!! Am really pleased with how it came out, given I hadn't a CLUE what I was doing!!!

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