Sunday, September 25, 2011


I can't believe that I haven't been blogging since February!!!!  Bold me......but then again I haven't been exactly crafting either!!!  For some reason life kept getting in the way.......hate that!!!  But am finally back in 'plays with paper' land and getting myself all inspired for the GBCE 

I have been admiring mini albums on the various blogs and forums and ordered a couple of kits for Crafty Queens and when they arrived in the post I was itching to get started.  The kits were jam packed with all manner of goodies from a canvas mini album to flowers, papers, masks and all manner of little trinkets!!!  I spent a week working on this first......and I am super-proud of the results.  The piccies are the few snaps I have of me and my sister as children......the problem with moving halfway around the planet is you have to leave so much behind......but these pictures remind me of love, laughter and........home


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